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Meet Cliff Allen

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At an early age, Cliff Allen learned the challenges and triumphs of business. From his inauspicious start as a floor sweeper in his family's grocery store – where he was exposed to the unique and often delicate dynamics of a family-owned business – to his successful pursuit of higher education, he absorbed "all things business." After graduation, he spent more than 20 years in two Fortune 500 companies – while earning his MBA – before making the decision to focus exclusively on small-to-medium sized companies. Cliff's entrepreneurial spirit led him to own and operate his own businesses as well as lead companies for others.

In 2004, Cliff founded Allen Business Enterprises with a personal goal to channel his considerable business experience to help owners of small-to-medium sized businesses grow, improve and transition.

Cliff has experienced every phase of business: concept, start-up, growth, maturity, decline and turnaround. As a result, can help owners and companies adapt and succeed in each phase. It is this resourcefulness and knowledge that he brings to every engagement.

Cliff is a trusted advocate for his clients, no matter their struggles, and remains keenly aware of his roles: sometimes as a champion; other times as a pragmatic (occasionally blunt) advisor who will help sort out the tough issues by asking and finding answers to unpleasant questions.

Above all else, Cliff enjoys being useful to business owners. He has a talent for finding solutions that fit the problems and the appropriate resources, and enjoys making value-added connections between his clients and his extensive personal network of experienced professionals to solve specific challenges. Cliff is, as the saying goes, a good person to know.

Our Partners

EBITDA Partners, LLC

EBITDA Partners is the Twin Cities premiere resource group for business owners seeking effective, affordable solutions for pressing issues and profitable growth. We are a group of independent service providers, each with over 30 years of experience in the core areas of strategic planning, operations, sales, information technology, brand marketing, employee engagement, financial management, legal and accounting.

Redmon Law Chartered

Drawing from strong relationships with business owners and industry thought leaders, Redmon Law seeks to understand the business owner's pain before going in search of the best solution. With experience and creativity, the firm helps find and structure business transactions that maximize the advantage for clients while still preserving the value for all parties involved. Redmon avoids confusing legalese and jargon by documenting the deal with simple, readable contracts and brings value that exceeds the cost of the services.