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Whether in a classroom, a conference room or on a discussion panel, Cliff Allen is at home teaching people. His passion for seeing businesses succeed comes through every time he stands before a group of owners, peers, clients or prospects, delivering information in his down-to-earth, insightful and entertaining style. Below are some popular workshops. Contact Cliff if you are interested in inviting him to speak on any of these, or other, topics.

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Speaking Topics

  • Which Way is Out?
    Key considerations for transferring the family business.

  • 1+1+1 = 19
    A workshop to improve your bottom line.

  • Have You Hugged a Monster?
    Address those issues that hold your company back.

  • Begin Your Business With the End in Mind
    Decisions you make at the beginning will either help or hinder your achievement of the end game.

  • Preparing For the Equity Event
    What you need to do as you get close to the sale of the business.

  • Optimizing Cash Flow... and Building a War Chest
    Three rules: Get the cash, keep the cash, keep the cash!

  • Sometimes the Way Out of Your Business is to Get Deeper In
    Growth through acquisitions.

  • What is the Source of Your Company's Profitability?
    Peeling the onion to learn more about your company.

  • Prepare Your Business for Sale... Then Don't!
    Have you considered keeping the business and transitioning to a non-active owner?

  • Early Warning Signs of Bankruptcy
    What should a professional advisor look for?