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... With a Vision
  • The founder and CEO of a start-up needed an experienced guide and right-hand executive to assume all the operating responsibilities for the business to allow him to focus on building his practice. Click to Expand

    In addition to the COO role, Cliff managed the bookkeeping, organized logistics and served on the Board of Advisors, helping the founder refine his deliverables and gain traction in the market. As a result, his business has grown dramatically, become cash-flow positive and created a compelling and positive reputation in the market.

Business in Transition

"What do we do now?"
  • Second generation, private company mired in the past, needed a strategy, new ideas and great execution to grow to the next level. Click to Expand

    Dad had died much too soon and left the business to his sons. They quickly determined that while they relished ownership of the company, they didn't really want to run it. So, I was brought in as President while they each took operating roles.

    A new team was established with new recruits mingled with current employees, creating a much stronger organization. The team developed and implemented a global strategy, including marketing and sales plans, training programs and clear operational direction. The team was aligned on key priorities, including identifying and engaging strategic prospects and distribution partners and achieving ISO qualification, thereby establishing a robust global design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution company.

    EBITDA increased by 350% over three years and the company ultimately was sold to a strategic buyer at a high multiple.


... With Growing Pains
  • The father and son partners of this five-year-old company had grown it profitably in spite of themselves. Click to Expand

    Cliff was brought to assess the business, evaluate leadership, identify gaps, describe the direction and assist with execution. We hired their first Controller, established accountabilities, built a decision matrix and establish Key Performance Indicators. The owners continue to grow the business on a stronger foundation supported by clear responsibilities and direction.

Direction and Execution

"What's the plan?"
  • This business owner had a serious health issue that prompted him to take action to establish a family estate plan and personal financial roadmap. Click to Expand

    Trusted advisors asked about the plan for his largest asset (the business) and he conceded that he didn’t have a plan in place. Cliff was hired to help him document his vision for a ten-year exit and then construct the high level plan to achieve those goals. The plan provided a basis for discussion and engagement with his key people and a roadmap for execution. The company continues to grow and make progress across the organization toward achieving the owner’s exit plan.

Cash Improvement

Banker Calls for Help!
  • $125mm home improvement retail and contract construction chain wrestling with cash flow issues and resulting pressure from the banker. Click to Expand

    The banker was tired of trying to manage the company's cash flow from a distance. I immersed myself into the organization to examine processes, metrics and operating practices that affected cash flow.

    I was able to identify significant differences in cash flow performance by customer and channel (retail vs. contract) and developed objectives to improve cash flow by $1,000,000 within three months. I established measurement methodology and recommended assignment of accountability to execute on this important initiative. A month or so later, I conducted a follow-up evaluation and provided recommendations on inventory management and control.


"What else can go wrong?"
  • Landscape maintenance firm, smothered under layers of debt and undergoing a sudden change in leadership, needed a quick intervention to help determine the work-out plan. Click to Expand

    The clock was ticking when I was engaged, so I quickly studied the financials to determine the sources of profitability and cash flow of each product/service line and overall capital requirements. I studied and assessed the synergy of each product/service line with others to determine the effect of dropping one or more. The result was trimming the product lines to the core value-producing businesses, packaging the remaining as an attractive growth opportunity for another company and working with lenders to pursue that path.

    The owner successfully sold the core business to a similar business that was looking to grow in new geography, secure a long term position and shed the mistakes of the past.

Processes and Systems

Grow or Die
  • A well-established and successful financial planning and insurance agency owner was frustrated with the inability to continue historic growth rates. He asked for an in depth review of internal processes and systems to determine weak spots and how to strengthen for improved growth and profitability. Click to Expand

    In this instance, the employees were fully engaged and supportive of the improvement initiative and assisted in defining and documenting the processes and work relationships. Mapping these findings helped identify opportunities for improvement which led to my recommendations for simplifying and streamlining, which resulted in improved focus, throughput, customer service levels and resultant profitability.


Facing an Inglorious End
  • A widow was uncomfortable with her professional resources and had no one in the family to which to turn. She faced rapidly dwindling cash reserves because the bulk of her estate consisted of farm property in the path of progress. Click to Expand

    As the widow's 'partner in business issues' I reorganized, reestablished and managed professional relationships, established a bank line of credit (creating vital liquidity), marketed the property to developers and negotiated the final agreement. Upon her passing, as Executor I managed dissolution of the complex estate.